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Susan Stackpole
My Results Expert™
"It is in your moments of decision
that your destiny is shaped."

Tony Robbins

My Results Expert, Susan Stackpole, is dedicated to helping people create miraculous results in every area of life.  Susan is committed to personal development and has fifteen years plus teaching human behavior and self-actualization.  Susan works with top achievers, internationally successful creative professionals (artists, authors, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, etc.), millionaire producers, and relationship experts.  She has received several notable awards for outstanding achievement including the Dale Carnegie Special Achievement and Human Relations Awards.

Susan is a certified coach, natural leader, and mentor incorporating everything from ancient spiritual laws, artistry, business skills, communications, feng shui, holistic health, philosophy, psychology, quantum physics, sociology, spirituality, and more in motivating individuals to passionately live with true purpose.  Susan's dynamic vision, motivating beliefs, and personal experience that in God/J all things are possible inspires people worldwide to dream bigger.  She helps clients design a custom-tailored destiny map that employs their unique skills in taking inspired, manageable, measurable, realistic steps in completing their goals.

Susan is passionate about life, people, and the performing arts.  Her experience includes creating her own outstanding results as an: actress, art consultant, business consultant, cosmetologist, life coach, model, office manager, singer, songwriter, speaker, top sales associate and youth coach.  Susan is the change and light she desires to see in the world and strives to serve others daily through consulting, creating, life coaching, mentoring, speaking, writing, and performing.

Susan's current focus is empowering people through faith, love, truth, and wisdom.  Susan experienced a life-altering heavenly encounter in which she was instructed to help people live in Love and celebrate their unique purpose.  She was directed to activate Truth, and her greatest honor is assisting people in accessing divine wisdom and achieving genuine self-awareness while cultivating enriching relationships with themselves, others, and The Almighty Creator.

"Life is full of challenges, which are
opportunities revealing the shining star inside. 
My honor is helping individuals heal and shine
by realizing the brilliance inside and inspiring them
in passionately living their best lives."
Susan Stackpole

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